Pak Suzuki Cuts Swift Model Prices by Up to Rs. 710,000

 Pak Suzuki Cuts Swift Model Prices by Up to Rs. 710,000

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited has implemented significant price reductions on its Swift model vehicles, with cuts of up to Rs. 710,000. This move, effective from May 1, 2024, aims to offer customers substantial savings in the current market scenario.

The decision to lower prices reflects the company’s dedication to providing value and its ability to adapt to market dynamics. These revised prices, inclusive of Federal Excise Duty and Sales Tax, demonstrate the company’s commitment to transparency, although Advance Income Tax is not included.

With reduced prices across various Swift models, Pak Suzuki intends to make these vehicles more accessible to consumers. Customers are encouraged to remain informed about potential price fluctuations and are advised to consult authorized dealers for booking orders.

Pak Suzuki’s initiative to lower prices underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability. By stimulating demand and broadening access to the popular Swift lineup, the company aims to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

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