Israeli Forces Batter Central, South Gaza as Tanks advance in Rafah

 Israeli Forces Batter Central, South Gaza as Tanks advance in Rafah

Stalled Ceasefire Leads to Renewed Violence in Gaza

Israeli Forces Launch Airstrikes and Advance on Rafah

Israeli forces have bombarded central and southern areas of Gaza, killing at least 28 Palestinians, and tank forces have advanced to the western edges of Rafah, despite a renewed push for a ceasefire.

Mediation Efforts Stall

U.S.-backed Qatari and Egyptian mediators have attempted to reconcile the demands of both sides, including a halt to hostilities, the release of hostages, and the unrestricted flow of aid into Gaza. However, sources close to the talks report no signs of a breakthrough.

Advancement on Rafah

Tank-led forces have advanced to the southwest fringes of Rafah, with tanks stationed in the al-Izba district and snipers commandeering buildings and high ground, trapping residents in their homes. Gaza health officials report two Palestinians killed and several wounded in western Rafah, and at least 15 deaths in central Gaza.

Civilian Casualties

An Israeli airstrike on a house in Khan Younis killed eight people, including children, and an airstrike on a Gaza City school building sheltering displaced families killed three Palestinians. The Israeli military claims to have targeted Hamas gunmen operating from within these locations.

Ceasefire Impasse

Israel’s military blames Hamas for the high civilian death toll, accusing them of operating within densely populated neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals. However, UN and humanitarian officials accuse Israel of using disproportionate force in the war. Hamas insists on a permanent end to the war and full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, while Israel is prepared to discuss only temporary pauses in hostilities

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