Will ‘Marry My Husband’ Return for Season 2? Fans Await News!

 Will ‘Marry My Husband’ Return for Season 2? Fans Await News!

Will ‘Marry My Husband’ Return for Season 2? Fans Await News!

What if Kang Ji-won, played by Park Min-young, travels back in time to correct all of the mistakes made before? Marry My Husband’s final episode aired last week, and there has been speculation about a second season.

The show ended on a positive note, but what if she can travel back to the future after witnessing all of this and has another chance to fix everything? Is there any chance of another season? Let’s find out!

About the show

Adapted from the popular web novel, the series follows Kang Ji-won, who, while terminally ill, discovers her best friend Jung Soo-min and her husband Park Min-hwan having an affair.

This leads to her untimely death at the hands of her husband. However, transported back in time 10 years, Kang Ji-won is given a second chance at life and seeks vengeance with the help of her boss, Yoo Ji-hyuk.

Did season 1 have a happy ending?


Season one ended on quite a satisfying note with the audience witnessing the arrest of Jung Soo Min (Kang Ji-won’s best friend), played by Song Ha Yoon for her crimes.

Kang Ji Won, played by Park Min-young and Yoo Ji Hyuk, Na In Woo ultimately finds happiness together with a future filled with happiness, marriage, a career together, and three children (twins and a daughter).

Will there be a season two?

As of now, a season of the series has not been confirmed, and it is unlikely to happen because Korean dramas typically end after one season, with a single complete story. The format rarely changes.

As a result, waiting for a second season of Marry My Husband may not be a wise decision.

Marry My Husband is available on Amazon Prime!

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