WHO chief describes Gaza’s health situation as “catastrophic”

 WHO chief describes Gaza’s health situation as “catastrophic”

WHO chief describes Gaza’s health situation as “catastrophic”

GENEVA The World Health Organization (WHO) chief said on Sunday, December 10. At an emergency board meeting that the Israel-Hamas conflict had had a “catastrophic” impact on Gaza’s healthcare system and that the environment was perfect for the spread of deadly diseases.

As long as there is violence, it will be nearly impossible for the WHO to improve the situation. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the 34-member board.

The WHO is tasked with obtaining funding to rebuild hospitals. And a motion put forth by Afghanistan, Morocco, Qatar. And Yemen is being considered by the board. It demands the passage of medical personnel and their supplies.

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Yet Tedros said that it would be “almost impossible” to meet those requests given the security situation on the ground. And said he deeply regretted that the United Nations Security Council could not agree on a ceasefire following a U.S. veto.

The motion was criticised by Israel. Who has said it gives disproportionate attention to Israel. And does not address what is describes as Hamas’ use of civilians as human shields. By placing command centres and weapons inside hospitals.

Such WHO emergency sessions are rare. And have occurred during health crises including during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. And during West Africa’s Ebola epidemic in 2015.

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