WhatsApp new feature: Users may soon get choice to send high-quality videos

 WhatsApp new feature: Users may soon get choice to send high-quality videos


Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow you to share high-resolution videos.

According to WABetaInfo which first spotted the feature, the messaging platform might soon allow users to choose what video quality will be uploaded when they send someone a video.

Currently, the messaging app compresses high-resolution video or images you share on the messaging app.

The feature is currently under development. WaBetaInfo has also shared a screenshot of the video quality feature.

The images show that the messaging platform is planning to add new options to send quality videos to friends and family members.

There will be three options, including Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver. The first one is self-explanatory. WhatsApp will automatically detect the best compression algorithm for specific videos.

The second mode is ‘Best quality’, which will send the video in the best quality. And, the ‘Data saver’ model will compress the video to save data and reduce bandwidth.

Last month it was reported that the online messaging app WhatsApp is now rolling out the disappearing photos feature for beta users, which is known as ‘View Once.’

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WhatsApp is finally releasing its much-awaited ‘view once’ feature on Android today, announced WABetainfo.

The feature was announced a few days ago and is now all set to launch.

The new feature will allow you to send pictures and videos that can only be viewed once. It will also allow you to verify if the recipient has opened the media.

To check if the feature is available on your WhatsApp, simply check if there is a view once option while sharing media.

The sent images can only be viewed once and you receive a notification when the recipient has opened it.

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