WhatsApp hacking ‘on the rise’

 WhatsApp hacking ‘on the rise’

FIA Issues Urgent Advisory on WhatsApp Hacking Surge

Cybercriminals Target Women’s Accounts

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has issued a warning to the public about a significant increase in WhatsApp account hacking incidents, with cybercriminals primarily targeting women’s accounts.

Alarming Trend

The FIA’s cybercrime wing has noticed an alarming rise in WhatsApp hacking cases, with hackers using advanced methods to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

Phishing Scams

The agency warns that hackers are using phishing scams to trick users into revealing sensitive information or installing malware, enabling them to gain access to accounts.

Protect Yourself

To safeguard your WhatsApp account, the FIA advises:

  • Be cautious of suspicious messages and links
  • Enable two-step verification
  • Avoid opening messages or files from unknown numbers
  • Regularly review and update WhatsApp privacy settings

Report Hacked Accounts

If your account has been hacked, report it to the FIA helpline at 1991 or visit the nearest FIA circle.

WhatsApp Update

In a separate development, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for Mac users to share status updates directly from their computers, following a similar update for Android devices. This feature allows users to share images, videos, GIFs, text, and voice messages via status updates from any linked device.

Stay Safe Online

The FIA’s advisory serves as a reminder to be vigilant in the digital world and take necessary precautions to protect your online presence.

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