Venomous Flying Spiders now spreading across East Coast

 Venomous Flying Spiders now spreading across East Coast

Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Invade the Northeast US

Joro Spiders: A New Threat

The Northeast United States is bracing for an invasion of giant venomous spiders, known as flying spiders or Joro Spiders, with 4-inch-long legs that can parachute through the air. New Jersey Pest Control has warned that these large and vividly colored spiders, originally from Southeast Asia, are making their way up the East Coast and are expected to arrive in New York and New Jersey this summer.

Study Reveals Alarming Spread

A peer-reviewed study published in October 2023 by David Coyle, a scientist and assistant professor at Clemson University in South Carolina, found that the invasive species is “here to stay” and “spreading like wildfire.” The study revealed that the species’ range has spanned at least 120,000 square kilometers across multiple states, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee, with additional reports in Alabama, Maryland, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

Experts Warn of Wider Impact

Researchers warn that the Joro spider invasion poses a significant threat to native species and may stress already fragile ecosystems. While Joro spiders are not harmful to people or animals, evidence suggests that native species are negatively affected by their presence. Further research is needed to determine the reasons behind this impact and to develop effective strategies for mitigating their effects.

Managing the Invasion

Researchers are working to monitor the spread of Joro spiders and study their behavior to develop effective management strategies. Understanding the biology and ecology of these spiders is essential in developing ways to mitigate their impact. New Jersey Pest Control emphasizes the need for continued research to address the invasion.

Joro Spiders’ Unique Characteristics

Joro spiders have distinct characteristics that enable them to thrive in new regions. They have a higher metabolism and heart rate than other spiders, allowing them to survive in colder climates. They can also survive brief freezes, making them a significant threat to native species in the Northeast US.


The invasion of Joro spiders in the Northeast US is a pressing concern that requires immediate attention. Researchers and pest control experts are working together to develop strategies to manage the spread of these venomous spiders and mitigate their impact on native species and ecosystems.

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