US State Department Reaffirms Stance on Taliban Funding

 US State Department Reaffirms Stance on Taliban Funding

The US State Department has categorically denied providing funding to the Taliban, dismissing rumors and misinformation.

Spokesperson Matt Miller clarified the department’s position during a press briefing on July 10, stating, “We do not provide any funding to the Taliban. That is absolutely false.”

Miller’s remarks came in response to a journalist’s question about a recent interview with a Taliban senior official, who falsely claimed that 90,000 female teachers are employed in Afghanistan.

The journalist highlighted the contradiction between the Taliban’s claims and the reality on the ground, where Afghan girls remain without access to education despite US funding.

Miller referenced a recent UN report that exposed the Taliban’s unpredictable and arbitrary enforcement of their so-called morality code, which undermines human rights in Afghanistan, particularly for women and girls.

The US State Department continues to closely monitor the Taliban’s treatment of the Afghan people, holding them accountable for their commitments to the international community.

In addition, Miller expressed condolences for the loss of a Pakistani senator and captain in recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

He acknowledged the significant suffering of the Pakistani people due to terrorism and reaffirmed the shared interest in combating regional security threats.

The US partners with Pakistani civilian institutions and engages the government to build capacity and strengthen regional security.

Miller also addressed journalist safety, reiterating US support for journalists globally and emphasizing the importance of their ability to work safely.

The briefing also touched on discussions with Turkey regarding the Gaza ceasefire and reconstruction plans, as well as changes in the US State Department’s team handling North Korea policy.

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