US in Gaza Ceasefire push with UN Vote, Mideast tour

 US in Gaza Ceasefire push with UN Vote, Mideast tour

Regional Tensions Escalate as US Deploys Top Diplomat

The United States intensified its efforts to secure a ceasefire in Gaza on Monday, pushing for a UN Security Council vote on a truce while deploying Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the war-torn region.

Israeli Forces Continue Bombardment of Gaza

Despite the diplomatic efforts, Israeli forces launched fresh airstrikes on Gaza, targeting the central region and Gaza City. Witnesses reported intense helicopter gunfire and overnight strikes, causing widespread destruction and panic.

Domestic Dissent in Israel as War Cabinet Member Quits

As the violence continued, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced growing domestic dissent. War cabinet member Benny Gantz resigned on Sunday, citing disagreements over the handling of the war.

US Calls for Immediate Ceasefire and Hostage Release

Washington presented a draft resolution to the UN, demanding an “immediate ceasefire with the release of hostages” between Israel and Hamas. The move comes after the US faced criticism for blocking previous UN resolutions calling for a halt to the fighting.

Previous Ceasefire Efforts Fail to Yield Results

A separate push for a deal by President Joe Biden on May 31 has yet to produce tangible results. Moreover, an Israeli special forces raid to free hostages on Saturday killed scores of Palestinians, casting further doubts on the prospects of a truce.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Violence

Muhannad Thabet, a resident of the Nuseirat refugee camp area, described the chaos and terror as people attempted to flee the bombardment. “Everyone wanted to flee the place, but the bombing was intense, and anyone who moved was at risk of being killed due to the heavy bombardment and gunfire.”

Israeli Military and Health Ministry Reports

The Israeli military reported that their extraction team and the four rescued captives came under heavy fire by militants, resulting in the death of one police officer. The air force launched strikes that reduced nearby buildings to rubble. The health ministry in the territory reported 274 people killed and 698 wounded in the “Nuseirat massacre,” including at least 64 children, 57 women, and 37 elderly individuals.

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