University of Malakand yet to get full-time VC

 University of Malakand yet to get full-time VC

University of Malakand yet to get full-time VC

PESHAWAR: The decisions taken by the University of Malakand Senate in its meeting held in September 2021 could not implemented so far for the obvious reasons of lack of a full-time head of the institution and keeping the complete report secret.

The 71-page inquiry report with separate three volumes of annexures consisting of 1,185 pages for the perusal of the governor, chancellor, University of Malakand, could made public only recently.

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The Senate in its meeting held on September 20, 2021 with Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Higher Education, Kamran Bangash, had taken the decisions on the basis of recommendations of the inquiry committee.

The meeting had shown displeasure over the performance of the then vice-chancellor Dr Gul Zaman. But had allowed him to continue heading the institution till the completion of his tenure in October last year.

The University of Malakand witnessed serious upheaval during the final year of the tenure – 2020-21 – of the former vice-chancellor. The university employees had observed a long strike.

Some70 faculty members of the university had submitted a complaint to the Higher Education Department against the former Vice-chancellor, Dr Gul Zaman, in March 2021.

The then governor, the chancellor had constituted an inquiry to probe the allegations in April 202. Headed by the former special secretary of the Higher Education Department. A total of 40 allegations had levelled against the former vice-chancellor.

The committee after a thorough probe found 21 charges to be true. While 11 charges could not proved. It had suggested that further inquiry required by technical experts into four charges. One allegation needed further investigation, two found partially true and one under investigation by the Governor’s Inspection Team.

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