UnionPay International and Trip.com collaborate for global travel payments

 UnionPay International and Trip.com collaborate for global travel payments

UnionPay International and Trip.com collaborate for global travel payments

As cross-border tourism rebounds, UnionPay International and Trip.com, a leading online travel agency (OTA), have announced a strategic partnership to elevate the travel payment experience for UnionPay cardholders worldwide. This collaboration comes at an opportune moment, fueling a seamless booking and payment process for globetrotting adventurers.

In addition, the partnership encompasses all major transaction currencies across Trip.com’s global network, spanning key travel destinations like Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and beyond. This means UnionPay cardholders in these regions can enjoy convenient and secure online payments when booking flights and hotels through Trip.com’s extensive platform.

Furthermore, Trip.com boasts an impressive global reach, operating in over 200 countries and regions. With a vast network of 1.2 million hotels and access to over 2 million flight routes connecting 5,000 cities, it offers travelers an unparalleled range of options to craft their perfect itinerary.

Moreover, For UnionPay cardholders, the partnership unlocks even greater convenience. Beyond expanding online acceptance outside mainland China, the collaboration brings specific advantages to the Hong Kong market. Local cardholders can now leverage the Hong Kong version of the UnionPay App for transactions, along with the added benefit of settling payments in Hong Kong dollars.

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In addition, This strategic alliance serves a dual purpose. UnionPay, strengthens its international presence within the global OTA market, showcasing the network’s continuous expansion and solidifying the brand’s global influence. For Trip.com, it allows them to cater to the growing demand for UnionPay as a preferred payment method, attracting a wider range of customers and enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Trip.com has always been dedicated to providing our users with exceptional travel experiences,” states Wang Zhe, Head of Overseas Finance Business at Trip.com. “Our partnership with UnionPay International marks a significant step in our commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centricity. We look forward to offering UnionPay cardholders around the world even more convenient and user-friendly travel booking and payment solutions in the future.”

UnionPay International, serving as the global arm of the world’s largest cardholder network, has successfully enabled card acceptance in 181 countries and regions and issuance in 79. Beyond mainland China, UnionPay boasts a robust network of over 38 million merchants and 1.76 million ATMs, catering to the needs of globetrotting consumers.

This collaboration between UnionPay International and Trip.com marks a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing the travel booking and payment experience for UnionPay cardholders around the world. As the cross-border travel landscape continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to play a key role in facilitating seamless and secure travel experiences for a global audience.tunesharemore_vertadd_photo_alternate

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