Twitters new security key feature to increase your account protection

 Twitters new security key feature to increase your account protection

Twitter’s new security key

Twitters increasing the security of your account by introducing physical security keys as the sole two factor-authentication methods to access your account.

People can now use security keys without having a backup authentication method.

This allows you to keep your phone number private as it won’t be needed for the SMS verification of your Twitter account anymore.

A security key also offers additional security from phishing attempts by shifting protection to a hardware device, Twitters Support tweeted.

The use of security key as a two-factor authentication first began in 2018 for Twitter users.

Only available for web users

Back then, it was only available for web users. But over the years, the feature has been offered across Twitters’ IOS and Android mobile app as well.

Now users may even register multiple security keys for a more secure Twitter account.What is a security key?
A security key is a small hardware device that resembles a USB.

Security keys act like physical keys but for your online accounts. They ensure higher security and have built in protection that protects your information even if used on phishing sites.

Security keys can differentiate legitimate sites from malicious ones and block phishing attempts that SMS or verification codes would not.

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