Travel-banned Russians must surrender passports within five days

 Travel-banned Russians must surrender passports within five days

Moscow, December 11th, 2023: A new government decree, effective today, mandates the confiscation of passports from Russians banned from leaving the country. Affected individuals have five days to comply after receiving notification.

The travel ban applies to various categories of individuals, including:

  • Conscripts: Those obligated to serve mandatory military service.
  • Federal Security Service (FSB) employees: Members of Russia’s intelligence and security agency.
  • Convicts: Persons serving sentences for criminal offenses.
  • Individuals with access to state secrets or “information of special importance”: This category could encompass a wide range of individuals with sensitive knowledge, including government officials, military personnel, and employees of certain businesses.

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Once confiscated, passports will be stored by the issuing authorities, such as the Interior Ministry or the Foreign Ministry. The decree allows for their return upon completing an application and fulfilling any additional requirements. For those whose travel ban was temporary due to conscription, proof of completed military or alternative civilian service must be provided.

This move follows a March 2023 report by the Financial Times, citing sources close to the matter, claiming Russia’s security services were already confiscating passports of senior officials and state company executives to restrict their international travel.

While the specific reasons behind the new decree remain unclear, it likely aims to control the movement of individuals deemed sensitive due to their access to classified information or potential role in the ongoing war in Ukraine. This further restricts the freedoms of Russian citizens and adds to the growing sense of isolation under the current political climate.tunesharemore_vertadd_photo_alternate

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