Too late to change Drama Tere Bin narrative?

 Too late to change Drama Tere Bin narrative?

Too late to change Drama Tere Bin narrative?

Last week went by in frenzy for all Tere Bin fans. There was a lot of hue and cry on social media against marital rape and violence shown in the drama.

Even the producers were forced to publish disclaimers about not drawing conclusions after the fans’ angst on social media.

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Whatever happened on television last night, though, demonstrated one thing to be true. In fact, marital rape was initially shown, but the story was quickly adjusted to appease the agitated audience, leading to the uneven episode with poor editing and a ton of flashbacks.

And even so if it was, a few things just didn’t sit well with us. Lets discuss what we think went wrong in the drama last night.

Why Self Loathe If It Was Consensual?

Last night’s episode was all about flashbacks and proving to the audience that whatever happened between Meerab and Murtasim was consensual but that confused us the most.

Too late to change Drama Tere Bin narrative?

How could something that happened with the consent of both parties have such a violent reaction? Why the entire self loathing episode then? Alright Meerab’s reaction can be justified that she had had Murtasim sign a contract and then her own consent was a breach of her own contract. But, then again if it was consensual, why show so much regret?

Okay, so Meerab left the house feeling guilty about losing her composure. She was distraught to have broken her own promise to herself that she didn’t want Murtasim, and she now wants to spend the rest of her life believing it shouldn’t have occurred.

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Now Meerab’s response mirrors her recent character growth in that she is unsure and perplexed when it comes to Murtasim. She rushes in the heat of the moment, having absolutely no control over her decisions, and she ends up making ridiculous decisions, and the now-exposed narrative also fits her character. What about Murtasim, though?

Murtasim’s story doesn’t seem to be at all warranted. Why does he blame his inability to restrain himself when his lawfully married wife consented to whatever transpired between them? The self-hatred and suffering infliction are not appropriate, even if he believes that he betrayed her trust by consenting to what Meerab also wanted. Even if Murtasim did it because he loved Meerab, which is against his character, he did it because he is a man who does everything out of love.

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