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Chile: Scientists reopen the UFO sighting case from 2010

London: A 2010 sighting of a UFO in Chile’s Andes Mountains has sparked interest again as specialists study a photo that seems to show a blazing orange object concealed behind clouds. The encounter was first looked into by the National Aviation Reporting Centre on Anomalous occurrences (NARCAP), but it’s back in the news as part […]Read More

Kolkata: UFO or what? Mysterious light appears in sky

NEW DELHI: UFO or what? Mysterious light appears in Kolkata sky. A mysterious light was visible in the skies of Indian cities of Kolkata Bankura, East and West Midnapore, North and South 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly and also from a few districts in Odisha. The sighting also reported from Namkhana and Ghatal and a couple […]Read More