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Government of Sindh issues Nipah virus guidelines

Nipah virus guidelines, In case of an outbreak, the health officials in Sindh have released instructions, stressing that the only way to treat the illness is with precaution as there is no cure. The advisory has also made it clear that while there isn’t currently an outbreak in Pakistan, cases have been documented in Malaysia, […]Read More

NIH releases a public advisory regarding the Nipah Virus

ISLAMABAD: The National Institute of Health (NIH) has released a warning in response to the Federal Minister for Health’s directives following the reported instances of the Nipah virus in the South Indian province. According to the Ministry of Health’s spokeswoman, there have been no cases of the Nipah virus confirmed in Pakistan to date. He […]Read More

What is dangerous Nipah virus?

The risky Nipah virus, which has infected countless people in India, may be spreading, according to advisories from the health authorities of Sindh and Punjab. In hospitals and other comparable facilities, the warning expressly advises medical superintendents, directors, and livestock departments to use extraordinary caution. Also Read: Japan uses first Alzheimer’s drug after US approval […]Read More

How is the Nipah virus treated and what is it?

This week, certain schools and offices in Kerala, a state in southern India, were closed as authorities rushed to stop the spread of the deadly Nipah virus after it claimed the lives of two individuals in its fourth outbreak since 2018. What is known about the virus is as follows: WHERE DID THE Nipah virus […]Read More