Symptoms, Prevention and treatment of black fungus

 Symptoms, Prevention and treatment of black fungus

Symptoms, Prevention and treatment of black fungus

Islamabad, June 3: Symptoms, Prevention and treatment of black fungus infection is a severe infection caused by a group of moulds called mucormycetes, commonly found in soil, plants, and decaying organic matter.

Uncontrolled diabetes, excess use of steroids prolonged ICU stay accompanied with invasive oxygen therapy increases your risk of developing black fungus infection.

Symptoms, Prevention and treatment of black fungus

Some early signs of detecting black fungus infection.


The infection begins by attacking the sinus passage, it can lead to extreme headaches.

Swelling in one side of the face

Black fungus infection can cause facial swelling accompanied with a lot of pain and heaviness in the bottom half of the face.

Formation of black crust

Black fungus infection can also lead to facial deformity. Formation of black crust around the nose, scabs along with discolouration of the face is prevalent.

Nasal blockage

While black fungus infection begins by infecting the nasal cavities, early sings may include nasal blockage.

Reduction in facial sensation

Some patients may also experience numbness in their faces i.e. reduction in their facial sensation.


Managing your blood sugar levels and steering clear of steroids-unless under the consultation of the doctor-may reduce risks of black fungus infection. Additionally, keep away from humid and unhygienic environments.


Currently, patients effected by black fungus infection are being treated with antifungal medications. Some patients may have to resort to surgery, if in case the infection has spread to other parts and cannot be cured with medication.

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