Strawberry controls the growth of cancer cells

 Strawberry controls the growth of cancer cells

Strawberry controls the growth of cancer cells

One of the most beautiful ‘fruits’ found in nature, the strawberry, with its plump red appearance, and delicate texture, is rarely disliked by people.

Immunity Booster:

Humans are incapable of producing Vitamin C naturally, and therefore it’s important for us to turn to external sources. About a cup of strawberry shake a day gives us our daily requirement of Vitamin C, which in return boosts our immunity, and works as a brilliant antioxidant. The vitamin C in strawberries also helps in the strengthening of the eye’s cornea and retina.

Fights Cancer:

Ellagic acid, found in strawberries, is known to control the growth of cancer cells. They also contain the antioxidants lutein and zeathancins that fight free radicals and reduce their ill effects on our system.

Helps in Skin Improvement:

Give Vitamin C some more credit, as they help in the production of collagen in our body that contributes to the skin’s elasticity.

Fights cholesterol:

Ellagic acid and flavonoids in strawberries protect our hearts from bad cholesterol. Of course, it won’t happen overnight, and you have to take them regularly.

It is anti-inflammatory:

For those who are prone to arthritis, say genetically, can benefit from drinking a strawberry shake. The antioxidants and phytochemical in this berry fruit helps in the reduction of inflammation of the joints.

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Another spice that is in this recipe is nigella, which comes from an annual flowering plant native to south and southwest Asia. Other names for it include black cumin, onion seed and kalonji. It’s hard to describe the flavor of nigella. Wikipedia describes them as “a combination of onions, black pepper and oregano, with a bitterness like mustard seeds.”

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