Speaker Siraj bans entry of eight lawmakers for bringing charpoy in Assembly

 Speaker Siraj bans entry of eight lawmakers for bringing charpoy in Assembly

Speaker bans entry of eight lawmakers for bringing charpoy in Sindh Assembly

ISLAMABAD(KARACHI), 29 June: Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani has banned the entry of eight lawmakers into the Sindh assembly over the issue of bringing “folding charpoy” in the House.

The entry of eight lawmakers namely, PTI parliamentary leader Bilal Ahmed, Saeed Ahmed, Arsalan Taj, Muhammad Ali Aziz, Adeel Ahmed, Nawaz Jadoon, Raja Azhar has been banned.

Condemning an unpleasant incident that had taken place in the Sindh Assembly, Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani has ordered a probe into the scuffle between the members from the opposition and treasury benches.

The uproar started when protesting members brought a “folding charpoy” in the House.

Agha Siraj Durrani has ordered Secretary Sindh Assembly, Umar Farooq, to submit a report after completing an inquiry into the incident.

Opposition lawmakers earlier brought a charpoy in the Sindh Assembly while terming it a coffin of democracy as the proceedings once again witnessed a rumpus.

According to the visuals captured during the provincial assembly proceedings, Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Shaikh could be seen leading the PTI lawmakers from the entrance of the assembly as they carry a charpoy with a banner over it inscribed with letters ‘Jamhoriyat Ka Janaza’ [coffin of democracy].

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Sindh govt has planned to save Rs 40 billion through austerity measures that included minimizing non-development expenditure in the budget for the next fiscal year 2021-22.

As per details that have emerged after approval of the budget from the provincial cabinet, the government has proposed minimizing non-development expenditure by 34 percent.

No vehicles would be purchased during the next fiscal year while a balance would also be ensured in provincial spending through financial governance under the plan to adopt austerity measures.

However, the development budget will be given a priority in the Sindh budget 2021-22 with an increase of 48 percent planned in the provincial ADP.

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