Some useful home remedies to remove dark spots from face

 Some useful home remedies to remove dark spots from face

Useful home remedies to remove dark spots from face

When a pimple pops up on face skin, it’s technically a form of inflammation. And as your skin heals and new skin cells form, it’s possible that the cells sent to help restore your skin’s smooth surface contain too much melanin.

Melanin is what gives your skin its color, and when certain cells have more melanin than others, the result is a darker patch of skin. This is referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

People who have naturally darker skin tones are more prone to this condition. 

Home remedies

If you’d like to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, you can start with home remedies.

Vitamin C

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which can brighten face skin and even skin tone. Vitamin C has been shown to be an effective depigmenting agent that decreases melanin formation.

Aloe vera

If you look online, you’ll find many fans of using aloe vera to heal dark spots from acne. It’s true that aloe vera is an exceptional healing agent, especially when it comes to your skin Rinse using lukewarm water.

Consistent use of aloe could stabilize melanin levels in cells, but more research is needed to know the limits of this effect.

Grapeseed extract

Grapeseed extract is another natural product that may work to help lighten dark spots.

There aren’t any studies on the topical use of grapeseed extract for this purpose. But there is a study that shows that 6 months of grapeseed extract taken orally was beneficial for people who have the skin condition melasma, which is similar to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Sun protection

Treatment of any dark spots should start with a vigilant sun-protection routine. Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 each day, regardless of if the day is overcast or humid, will help prevent more damage to your skin.

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