Some delicious foods that are perfect for the monsoon

 Some delicious foods that are perfect for the monsoon

Some delicious foods that are perfect for the monsoon season

Islamabad, 10June: Some are the healthy and delicious dishes that are perfect for the Monsoon season.

Following are the monsoon dishes:

Baked Raw Banana Samosa

A unique and healthy twist on the beloved samosa.

Raw bananas are particularly rich in vitamin B6 and C and are good for your heart. Switch the regular potato stuffing with raw banana mixed with flavorful spices for a delicious tea-time snack.

Fresh Corn Bhel

Monsoon calls for some yummy corn dishes. And this corn bhel recipe is just the right mix of tangy and spicy to enjoy on a rainy day.

Baked Almond Kofta

Looking for a quick and easy snack that is filled with nutritional benefits and does not compromise on flavour? Then this recipe is just for you. A delectable treat made with vitamin E-rich almonds and creamy potatoes to savour with loved ones.

Aloo And Dal Tikki

Enjoy this healthy tikki recipe made with chana dal which boosts your immunity and increases muscle strength. You can opt to bake these tikkis instead of frying them to make a healthier snack.

Rajma Pakoda

No rainy season is complete without mouth-watering pakodas on the menu. And these pakodas made with kidney beans are not just healthy but also super yummy and easy to make.

Moong Dal Samosa

Moong dal is everyone’s one-stop solution for protein and nutrients. Use this nutrient-rich dal mixed with tangy spices for your samosa stuffing and you get a hearty snack to enjoy with your hot cup of tea.

East-West Spring Rolls

Recipe of East West Spring rolls is so easy and it is so delicious and a light side dish.

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