Shape of your feet says about your personality

 Shape of your feet says about your personality

Shape of your feet says about your personality

Body can tell a lot about your personality. For example, the shape of your nose, whether your thumb is straight or crooked, and the way you keep your feet legs when you’re sitting down are all very telling.

The square foot

With this type of foot, all of the toes are roughly the same length. You’re a true thinker; you like to carefully go over all the pros and cons before making an actual decision. You’re a practical person and you’re also very trustworthy and reliable.

The stretched foot

This foot is relatively long and the toes cross each other a little bit. If you have this type of foot, you’re an introverted person. You like to keep things to yourself and you have hidden depths. You can be impulsive and your moods can swing really quickly.

The common foot

This slanting foot is the most common type of foot. If your feet look this, you’re a very balanced person. You’re spontaneous and social: you love meeting new people and are always open to new experiences. You love to travel, because you love exploring different cultures.

The flame foot

The striking thing about this foot shape is that the second toe is longer than the big toe. If you have this type of foot, you’re a very sporty kind of person. You’re also creative: you love to think of new things. Because of your enthusiasm, you’re very good at winning people over. You can also be impulsive at times.

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