Samsung S22 might lose half its value in a month

 Samsung S22 might lose half its value in a month

Samsung S22 might lose half its value in a month

Samsung S22 might lose half its value in a month. With new phones released on a regular basis, market saturation has risen, and numerous handsets are competing for first place.

However, it is not surprising that the iPhone has remained at the top of the heap not just in terms of performance and usefulness but also in terms of pricing since its inception.

While the price of an Apple phone is slightly greater than that of many of its competitors, this does not deter its fans.

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The company’s biggest feature is not only how simple and user-friendly its products are, but also the pricing it keeps long after its introduction.

Apple has consistently maintained a high long-term value, as seen by its latest iPhone 13 announcement.

According to a new study, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) lost just approximately 52 dollars for phones used within two months of its debut, which is fairly outstanding.

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While Apple continues to hold the fort, Samsung appears to be in hot water in the same region. When the statistics removed, the value of Samsung smartphones, particularly the Samsung S22 + 5G, plummeted.

In percentage terms, phones in good condition lost 51 percent of their value. Phones that seemed to virtually new lost 46 percent, and the Pixel Range 6 lost 43.5 and 41.5 percent.

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This is a shock for a tech company that has been doing so well for so long. While Samsung is known for rebounding from negative publicity, it will interesting to watch how it responds this time. Will the S22 phased out, or does the firm have another plan?

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