Russian strike in town in northern Ukraine

 Russian strike in town in northern Ukraine

Russian strike in town in northern Ukraine

Kyiv: Three people killed and 12 others injured in a Russian strike on a town in Ukraine northern Chernigiv region on Wednesday, according to emergency services.

“We have three people killed and 12 wounded as a result of a strike” in Novgorod-Siversky, according to a spokeswoman.

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The town is located in the country’s north-eastern corner, around 45 kilometres (28 miles) south of the Russian border.

Chernigiv Governor Vyacheslav Chaus stated there were “dead and wounded” in a Telegram message, but did not provide figures, just noting that rescuers and doctors were “working at the site.”

He said the strike occurred at night and destroyed “critical infrastructure”. Including a school, and posted photos of the town’s heavily damaged structures.

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He said that “other administrative buildings and private houses also damaged.”

The Ukrainian army said that Russia had “taken out artillery fire” on the Chernigiv area.

Before the war, Novgorod-Siversky had a population of roughly 15,000 people.

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The Chernigiv area, which heavily attacked at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has suffered fewer strikes in recent weeks than other eastern regions.

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