Rana Sanaullah Denies Relief to PTI is Due to Any Signal

 Rana Sanaullah Denies Relief to PTI is Due to Any Signal

ISLAMABAD: Rana Sanaullah, a political adviser to the Prime Minister, has dismissed claims that recent relief given to PTI was influenced by any external signals. In an interview with a private channel, Sanaullah stated that he does not foresee the PTI founder being released from jail in the near future.

The PML-N leader criticized those in hiding, urging them to come forward. He argued that if PTI had not withdrawn from the parliament, the PML-N government would not have lasted 16 months. He attributed the events of May 9 to PTI’s decision to dissolve its governments in two provinces, emphasizing that political instability directly causes economic instability.

Sanaullah accused the PTI founder of adopting an apolitical approach by refusing dialogue, which he sees as a threat to the parliamentary system. He asserted that genuine revolutionary movements should be pursued outside the parliamentary framework.

He highlighted the necessity of dialogue for political stability, mentioning a PTI member’s refusal to engage in talks unless their demands are met, which includes recognizing their mandate and releasing prisoners. Sanaullah argued that conceding to these demands without negotiations would result in adverse consequences for the government.

Addressing the formation of an opposition alliance, he clarified that it was not due to any signal and expressed readiness to open dialogue once the alliance is constituted. He mentioned future talks with Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, emphasizing the need to wait until the opposition alliance is complete to avoid alienating any potential allies.

Despite his criticisms, Sanaullah acknowledged the PTI founder’s political significance, noting his perseverance and stance, but criticized his refusal to engage in dialogue.

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