Rafael Nadal “Got Married” Status Update On Facebook

 Rafael Nadal “Got Married” Status Update On Facebook

Tennis Player Rafael Nadal with his wife

Rafael Nadal on Monday posted a “Got Married” update on Facebook. Nadal, with an update on June 7, shared with the world that he has tied the knot with his partner of 14 years, Maria Francisca Perello in the year 2019.

Tennis Player Rafael Nadal ‘s fans were left scratching their heads in confusion with a new update that comes two years after their marriage.

Nadal shared a “Got Married” post on the social networking site, throwing in a piece of surprising news for the world. In the “About” section on Nadal’s Facebook page, an update says, “Married since October 2019″.

Fans could not seem to decide their reactions and so there was an outpour of abundant jokes and questions. Users of the platform are intrigued why the Spanish player took this long to update his relationship status on his social media handles. Many of his fans were even delighted and rejoiced at Nadal’s thoughtful post.

A few took a chance to cheer up for their favourite tennis player.A user wrote, “Congratulations but couldn’t imagine he’d be getting married in the middle of the French open.” To this, others responded by proving that Nadal had been married since the year 2019. “No he didn’t. It was ages ago now,” said another.

“Congratulations Rafa. Withdraw from Roland Garros and let Roger win,” one commented, probably a fan of Roger Federer. “A Special Congratulations To All of You Who Know: Rafael Nadal has been married to Xisca Perello since October 2019….,” an individual wrote since the truth was out in the open. “Congratulations but confused.

Nadal wiki page says he got married in October 2019,” a fan expressed. Another individual insisted, “This can’t be right as I remember seeing the photos of their 2019 wedding!”

Rafael Nadal is chasing a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam as he moved into the fourth round of Roland Garros 2021. He is at level with Federer with 20 Grand Slam titles. The third-seeded Spaniard now holds a record in French Open with 103 wins against only two losses since his debut in 2005.

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