Putin Warns NATO: Troops in Ukraine Risk Nuclear War

 Putin Warns NATO: Troops in Ukraine Risk Nuclear War

Putin’s Nuclear Warning Raises Alarms Amidst Macron’s Troop Deployment Speculations

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned NATO countries on Thursday that sending troops to Ukraine could result in a nuclear conflict, and urged Russia to strengthen its western military district in light of Finland and Sweden’s membership.

“Russia will not allow anyone to interfere with its internal affairs,” Putin stated during his annual address to the Russian parliament.

Putin criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that Western ground troops should not be “ruled out” of deployment to Ukraine. Claiming that such actions would have “tragic” consequences for the countries involved.

Putin stated that the vast majority of Russians support “special military operations”.

“The armed forces’ combat capabilities have increased significantly. Our units firmly control the initiative. They are confidently moving forward in a variety of operational directions, liberating new territories,” he stated.

Putin, who has been in power for more than two decades, has announced his intention to seek another six-year term in March of next year. Following his annual address to Russia’s Parliament two weeks before the expected election.

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