Punjab Government Announce Opening of Public and Private Schools from Monday

 Punjab Government Announce Opening of Public and Private Schools from Monday

Lahore, 05 June 2021, ASFE World TV: Punjab Government Announce Opening of Schools of public and private schools from monday from 7 June.

This was expressed by the commonplace pastor for Education, Murad Raas, on Thursday.

Taking to Twitter, Raas said:

He additionally connected a warning with the tweet, as indicated by which just 50% attendance will be permitted each day, and no understudy will be permitted to go to the school for two successive days.

It guided every one of the concerned specialists to guarantee consistence with the COVID-19 SOPs in letter and spirit.

The warning uncovered that the choice had been in accordance with the suggestions of the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC) on Wednesday.

Prior on Tuesday, Minister Raas had prompted understudies not to sit around dissenting but rather to plan for the assessments.

read this; District Education Authority issued notification

The District Education Authority Lahore has eliminated the choice for changing school timings following the past declaration of resuming educational institutions from June 7.

After the announcement of reopening regular classes, Lahore’s District Education Authority had issued a notification regarding the school timings.

As per notification, the authority has permitted schools to conduct regular classes from nursery to middle from 7:15 am to 11:15 am while the classes of IX ,X and XI, XII students will be held from 7:15 am to 11:45 am without any break.

According to details the Punjab government notified to reopen all schools from June 7.

The Punjab School Education Department issued the notification that the educational institutions will be opened four days a week with 50 per cent attendance of students.

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