Problems of Education in Pakistan: Possible Solutions

 Problems of Education in Pakistan: Possible Solutions

Today Pakistan is dealing with numerous issues like neediness, uncertainty, sectarianism and psychological warfare. The purposes behind these issues are absence of resilience, absence of general mindfulness and ignorance advanced by an ineffective education system. The vital role of education has been disregarded in Pakistan which has prompted low improvement in all fields of life. Education has been treated like a step child. The lowest budget has been awarded to the system of education and since the establishment of Pakistan which has weakened the foundation of the quality in the education system. The education system, hence, has neglected to raise the country monetarily, strategically and socially. After lapse of half a century years and appropriation of in excess of 25 instructive polices, still the schooling framework has severely neglected to remove the country from the expanding monetary, political and social mess.

Famous saying “better education develops the nation”, it eventually makes awareness of certain expectations among individuals.  On the basis of education individuals understand their obligations as well as ability to accomplish their public, cultural and singular rights. Pakistan is a developing country, its economy is weak and there is absence of political strength in the country. Furthermore, the nation is in the profound hold of expanding political strife, extending illegal intimidation, unending partisan viciousness, social precariousness, and financial degeneration. These loads of issues are straightforwardly or in a roundabout way the branch of a frail, spellbound and non-brought together instruction framework. So this paper explores some of the critical problems of education in Pakistan and dig out the solutions of existing problems that how it can be sorted out in future. 

The issues related with the Problems of education system of Pakistan are lack of sufficient budget plan, absence of strategy execution, damaged education system, poor actual offices, absence of teacher’s quality, absence of execution of schooling strategies, aimless training, low enlistment, high scale dropouts, political impedance, obsolete educational program, debasement, helpless administration and management, absence of exploration, and absence of consistency.

In this regard, the system of education in Pakistan as indicated by Iqbal (1981) did not depend on uniform standard as various system of education are at the same time working in the country. The educational program is additionally not formally dressed which has brought forth various schools of considerations. This framework has made an immense gap among the country and even has profoundly entered into the social veins of the country. Pakistani schooling framework due being aimless and frail has not had the option to create and direct its people on strong political and social grounds. There is absence of union in the framework and it is more inclined towards general education which doesn’t carry any skilled manpower to the market. Which resulting that there is growing rate of unemployment.

Similarly, educational plan is the device through which the objectives of education are accomplished. The educational plan of training in Pakistan doesn’t fulfill the needs of the current occasions. This compels the students to memorize certain stuff without thinking about the truth that education is the comprehensive improvement of a person. In addition there are a lot of issues many of which I have mentioned above and which need to be sorted out in the light of government policies implementation.

This paper concludes that education develops people in all domains of life such as social, moral, spiritual, political and economic. It is a unique power which empowers each country to accomplish its general public objectives. It’s undeniably true that nations that have fostered a sound arrangement of training have a sound social and political framework. With effective educational numerous nations are playing an influential position in the comity of countries. The group of people yet to come of Pakistan is aimless because of imperfect education system which has radically neglected to raise the country on sound financial, social, political and moral grounds. Students coming out of the Pakistani education system are theoretically sound but they are not capable enough to implement that that whatever they have learnt from in school. Finally, this study concludes that there is an urgent need to reform the system of education of Pakistan and overall, problems could be resolved by formulation of rational policies and plan and by ensuring proper implementation of the policies. Education is a nourishing force. It is the constructive factor for any society. Education empowers individuals to work for their turn of events and development. Subsequently education draws out the secret possibilities of people and creates them.


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