Prince William thinks Harry ‘cannot be trusted’ amid constant attacks at monarchy

 Prince William thinks Harry ‘cannot be trusted’ amid constant attacks at monarchy

Prince William with his younger brother Prince Harry

LONDON, 03 July: Prince William and Harry will not be able to repair their rift anytime soon, because of a lack of trust. The duo’s close friends say their relationship has been damaged beyond repair.

A source told, “Despite William and Harry coming together this week for the sole cause of commemorating their mother’s legacy, Harry is very much on the outside.

“They put on a show, did what they had to do to make sure the day went without a hitch and said goodbye.

“It was nothing more, there was nothing to discuss. Things are still far too raw for William and other members of the family to entertain Harry, so it’s best to let things lie for the moment,” the insider added.

Another source said things did seem to have improved betweent the duo. “On the one hand you have Diana’s family, as well as members of the royal family, who will be holding on to any crumb of hope that the two brothers will repair their relationship and on the other some definitely feel the damage is done and it is almost impossible for Harry to be trusted again.”

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Prince Charles’ marriage with Diana was not always a disaster. The Prince of Wales had unconditional love for his wife during the early days of their marriage, as revealed by royal biographer Penny Juror.

Following the birth of Prince William, Diana and Charles had a blissful married life.

“People who visited Kensington Palace in the early 1980s describe Diana charging about the house playfully looking for William who had run away and hidden under his father’s desk at bedtime.

“Others describe Charles chasing Diana up the stairs. I think there were definitely good times,” she added.

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