Prince Harry Loses UK Security Challenge

 Prince Harry Loses UK Security Challenge

Prince Harry Loses UK Security Challenge

LONDON: The Duke of Sussex has lost a High Court challenge against the government over his security while in the UK, according to International News Media Reported. When Prince Harry stopped working as a royal, he was contesting a decision to downgrade his security status.

He claimed he was treated unfairly in the changes to his police protection. Despite the fact that he continued to face significant security threats. Prince Harry will file an appeal against the court’s ruling that these security decisions were lawful.

“The duke is not asking for preferential treatment,” his lawyers stated following the High Court ruling. But they argue that decisions about his publicly funded police protection made in an unfair manner.

When Prince Harry retired from his role as a working royal. And relocated to the United States, he no longer automatically granted the same level of police protection as the Royal Family. But his security determined on a case-by-case basis. Just like other high-profile visitors to the UK.

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The judge ruled that there no unlawfulness in the decision-making or anything irrational in the changes to Prince Harry’s security in February 2020. And that even if there had been any “procedural unfairness,” it would not have changed the outcome.

Much of the hearing held in private for security reasons. And portions of the ruling redacted, but the ruling determined that having a “bespoke” arrangement for Prince Harry. Rather than the same as working royals, was “legally sound”.

An earlier court ruling had rejected Prince Harry’s request to make private financial payments for police protection while in the UK.

Prince Harry’s legal battles over his security in the UK have reflected his concerns for his own and his family’s safety. Despite only a few brief visits to the country in recent years.

The court documents raise concerns about Prince Harry “ambushed” by paparazzi photographers at a WellChild awards event in Kew, London, in June 2021.

This was especially concerning “in light of what happened to his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales,” the court was told.

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