PML-N: Ticket Aspirants to Submit Papers on Dec 20

 PML-N: Ticket Aspirants to Submit Papers on Dec 20

PML-N: Ticket Aspirants to Submit Papers on Dec 20

ISLAMABAD In order to compete in the next general elections, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has requested that candidates submit their nomination papers to their respective returning officers by Wednesday, December 20, as reported by a private news paper.

The sheer volume of candidates for each constituency on a provisional deadline made it impossible for the parliamentary board, which is reviewing the procedure of evaluating the circumstances of each constituency independently, to finish its work in the last three weeks.

According to a private news paper informed by well-placed PML-N sources that the review exercise would be finished tomorrow, Tuesday. The final list of ticket holders for both assemblies’ tiers would revealed on Thursday following two days of leadership talks, and the tickets would be given out that same day.

The sources went on to say that if the applicants not selected for the ticket. They would be asked to withdraw since they would be considered for other prestigious positions such as Senate and executive branch offices.

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PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and President Shahbaz Sharif will make public the list of ticket holders after having consultations with other senior leaders.

The parliamentary board had its 12 marathon sessions for reviewing the constituencies, which were jointly chaired by the Sharif brothers. The recommendations of the board compiled upon the conclusion of every sitting. 

The announcement about the ticket holders withheld because seat adjustment. And arrangements with like-minded parties had to be worked out, the sources said.

They further said the parties are keen to have an adjustment with the PML-N on a higher number of seats. The PML-N has made up its mind to make such adjustments comparatively at a higher scale in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh/Karachi and Balochistan. The party would be following a meticulous formula in the case of Punjab constituencies. It wouldn’t surpass seven to 10% of total seats in the province, viewed as a traditional stronghold of the PML-N, the sources said.

The party’s election manifesto committee convenor Senator Professor Irfan Siddiqui. Who has choreographed the initial draft of the manifesto has travelled to Lahore. He will be submitting the same to Nawaz Sharif and it is likely that right after the announcement of the list of ticket holders. The manifesto will be made public. The 40-member manifesto committee has included the issues of public interest. But it has articulated on a realistic basis after mustering massive input from the masses and party workers. The sources added.

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The sources said in the meanwhile. A nine-point agenda based on the manifesto has compiled which would broadly become a source for highlighting the PML-N’s future planning after winning the polls.

Moreover, the election campaign will also revolve around the agenda which includes massive reforms in the judicial system and the provision of justice for the common man. In addition, it would ensure the curtailing of governmental and administrative expenditures. 

The income of the common man. And national exchequer revenue would be increased, while the tax system would be reformed drastically. The steps for increasing exports would taken on the fast track and without any delay. The tariff for information technology (IT). Energy, electricity and gas would be slashed. The public sector organisations which are experiencing huge losses would undergo administrative scrutiny, the sources added.

The sources further said that under the nine-point agenda, the youth and women will be provided new income opportunities. The agriculture would revolutionised through the use of sophisticated technology.

The sources noted that the Shahbaz-led government’s Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) would remain operational. It was a facility designed to serve as a “single window” for investors. Fostering collaboration across all government agencies, and expediting the development of projects.

The sources also stated that Senator Siddiqui had spoken with Nawaz and Shehbaz about the agenda.

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