Patients growing impatient: 15 days after the doctor’s protest

 Patients growing impatient: 15 days after the doctor’s protest

Patients growing impatient: 15 days after the doctor’s protest

LAHORE: As the fifteenth day of the young doctors’ protest wears on. The government hospitals in Lahore are caught up in a spiraling crisis that has paralyzed the Out-Patient Departments (OPDs).

The firing and transfer of three doctors from a city hospital, along with the suspected murder of another doctor in Gujrat city, served as the initial catalyst for this protracted protest. Young physicians have united to disrupt operations in indoor wards as well as the outpatient departments of Lahore’s government hospitals. Further exacerbating the problems faced by patients and their attendants.

The fact that the slip counters at several large hospitals, such as Mayo, Jinnah, General, Services, and Gangaram Hospital, have remained closed during this time has added to the confusion. This highlights the seriousness of the situation and makes the situation worse for those seeking medical attention.

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The Young Doctors Association (YDA) issued a stern warning. Asserting their intent to escalate the strike across Punjab if their demands are not met. The prolonged strike has put significant financial strain on the healthcare system, raising concerns about the potential closure of six hospitals, further amplifying the burden on an already beleaguered system.

As the strike enters its fifteenth day, thousands of patients continue to grapple with daily difficulties, prompting fervent appeals to doctors not to penalize patients and their attendants for the ongoing dispute. The healthcare system in Lahore remains paralyzed. Leaving patients in a state of distress. And uncertainty regarding when essential medical services will be fully restored. The urgency for a resolution intensifies as the impasse continues to cast a prolonged shadow over the city’s healthcare landscape.

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