Pakistan’s Satellite PakSAT-MM1 Reaches Orbit

 Pakistan’s Satellite PakSAT-MM1 Reaches Orbit

Pakistan’s space agency, SUPARCO, has successfully launched its communication satellite, PakSAT-MM1, into orbit. The satellite, launched on May 30, has reached its designated geostationary orbit at an altitude of 38,786 kilometers above the Earth.

Weighing 5 tonnes, satellite is equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology, enabling high-speed internet access across the country. The satellite’s solar panels have started functioning, and various tests are being conducted to assess its health and performance in orbit.

SUPARCO has positioned PakSAT-MM1 at 38.2 degrees East, marking a significant milestone in the country’s space program. This launch aims to enhance Pakistan’s communication infrastructure and reduce dependency on foreign satellites.

PakSAT-MM1 is expected to improve internet connectivity, especially in remote and underserved areas, supporting the country’s digital transformation initiatives. This satellite will play a vital role in bridging the digital divide and promoting economic growth.

The successful deployment of PakSAT-MM1 follows the launch of Pakistan’s first communication satellite, PakSAT-1R, in 2011. SUPARCO’s achievement demonstrates the country’s growing capabilities in space technology and its commitment to advancing the nation’s interests.

With PakSAT-MM1 in orbit, Pakistan is poised to take a significant leap forward in telecommunications and digital development. As the satellite begins its operations, it is expected to have a profound impact on the country’s internet landscape, empowering citizens and driving economic progress.

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