Pakistan won’t issue passports to citizens getting asylum

 Pakistan won’t issue passports to citizens getting asylum

No Passports for Asylum Seekers

The Ministry of Interior has announced that Pakistani citizens who obtain asylum in other countries will no longer be eligible for Pakistani passports.

Circular Issued

The ministry has issued a circular stating that all Pakistani citizens who receive asylum in other countries, regardless of the basis, will not be issued Pakistani passports.

National Security Reasons

Sources reveal that the decision has been made citing national security reasons.

Passport Cancellation

The passports of such citizens will be cancelled and will not be renewable.

Interior Minister’s Instructions

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has instructed the interior ministry to implement this decision.

Passport Office Notification

The Passport Office has issued a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other concerned authorities, notifying them of the new rules.

Stricter Passport Regulations

This move indicates a stricter approach to passport issuance, aligning with national security concerns.

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