North Korea’s Kim Jong Un back home after final stop in Russia

 North Korea’s Kim Jong Un back home after final stop in Russia

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un back home after final stop in Russia

After making a final stop in Vladivostok, a city in Russia far east, where he visited a university, an aquarium, and an animal food plant, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was on his way home, according to official media on Monday.

Kim stayed in Vladivostok for two days, touring a variety of buildings in the military, economic, scientific, educational, and cultural sectors before saying goodbye at a send-off ceremony at the Artyom station.

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It concluded Kim’s unusually prolonged, seven-day visit to Russia, during which he committed to enhancing his military and business ties with President Vladimir Putin.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un back home after final stop in Russia

According to official media reports, the visit will “an opportunity to further solidify the traditional bond of good-neighbor cooperation between the two countries, which are rooted in comradely friendship and military unity, and to open a new chapter in the development of relations.”

Kim given a tour of Far Eastern Federal University and given information on the educational program and long-term development strategy by the university’s president before he and Putin spoke for the first time in 2019.

He also chatted with North Korean students at the university who were majoring in science and technology, learned about their lifestyles, and took pictures with them.

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Kim first visited the Arnika Bio-Feed Mill and then attended a banquet organized by Alexandr Kozlov, Russia’s minister of natural resources and ecology, where she saw white dolphins and other sea animals perform “acrobatic feats.”

Kim’s visit to Vladivostok on Monday also covered by North Korea’s state radio, which noted that it “opened a new period of rapid development and strengthening” of bilateral relations and that he thanked Putin and other Russian leaders for their hospitality.

As Russia pursues its invasion of Ukraine and North Korea rushes to expand its nuclear programs, the unusual summit between Kim and Putin has caused the United States and South Korea to issue warnings against any weapons sales and other military collaboration.

Moscow may be looking to buy ammunition from the North to supplement its decreasing supplies, while Pyongyang receives technological support for its spy satellite and missile programs, according to officials in Washington and Seoul.

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