New York Prepares for “High-Voltage” India Pakistan Cricket Match

 New York Prepares for “High-Voltage” India Pakistan Cricket Match

New York Hosts Historic India-Pakistan Cricket Match

A Thrilling First for the US

On Sunday, New Yorkers will witness a thrilling first – a World Cup cricket match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, hosted in a US city. This highly anticipated match has sold out the 34,000-seat stadium at Eisenhower Park on Long Island, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash.

Local Cricket Enthusiasts Excited

Ajith Shetty, president of two local cricket leagues, expressed his excitement about the match. “India-Pakistan is the game everyone wants to watch, and it’s happening in our backyard,” he said. Shetty, an Indian native, is thrilled to see the two Asian powerhouses face off in the US.

Fans in Little India Disappointed by High Ticket Prices

However, fans in the Little India neighborhood of Queens, just 10 miles from the stadium, are disappointed by the high ticket prices. Rajeet Krishna, a 31-year-old Indian fan, said he won’t be able to attend the game in person due to the expensive tickets. “I’ll watch it on my mobile,” he said, echoing the sentiments of many fans.

A Historic Rivalry

The India-Pakistan rivalry is one of the most intense in cricket, with a long history between the two nations. This match is eagerly anticipated not just by Indian and Pakistani fans but also by immigrants from other South Asian countries where cricket is popular.

Beyond the Indian and Pakistani Communities

Faros Ahmed, a 58-year-old of Bangladeshi origin, described the rivalry as “like lion and tiger.” Although he supports Pakistan, he recognizes the significance of this match and will broadcast it for his customers at his restaurant.

Rare Head-to-Head Match

Matches between India and Pakistan are rare due to political tensions between the two nations. This historic match in New York is a significant event in the world of cricket, with fans eagerly awaiting the thrilling contest.

T20 Format and Ticket Prices

This Cricket World Cup is in the T20 format, with games lasting around three hours. Tickets on the resale market are going for at least $800, with IPL founder Lalit Modi criticizing the inflated prices. Modi emphasized that the tournament is for game expansion and fan engagement, not profit-making.

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