A covid-19: Face masks the in thing

 A covid-19: Face masks the in thing

Face masks the in thing

Islamabad, 09 June: After well-toned, covered mannequins drive the Face masks fashion business in the times of Covid-19.

Mannequin stand firm on the frontline of the latest fashion, depicting seasonal wardrobe trends and sartorial moods. While they transform as per evolving fashion perspective. The trade brief/demands in the past saw them turning leaner, taller, darker, and even faceless.

And now in the times of Covid, they have cut a new style figure and can be seen flaunting. The coronavirus dress mandate– face covered with a protective Face mask.

Inspired by the changes that the pandemic brought about and a new saying ‘masks are here to stay. the shops are using figurines in a new avatar to talk about the change in daily wardrobe.

Themed around ‘stay safe when outside’, several apparel stores and designer houses here have placed face coverings on their mannequins.

“It’s a new normal,” said fashion designer Udhay Mahajan, who specializes in wedding trousseau. He added, “Masks matching with the attire are in demand. And the display of face masks also makes for an ideal sight even for those on a window-shopping spree.”

He feels that masks are a new essential and their journey from operation theatres to open markets has written a new chapter of living in the times of corona. “Even if someone’s taking a fabric, they take extra for the mask layer.

Some of the couples are even going in for customized masks, with elaborate work and even embroidery,” said Udhay, adding, “We are also creating exclusive masks on order. Recently, we made 50 masks for the whole baraat in different fabrics and styles.”

A visit to the market revealed how various international apparel or designer stores have spruced up the glass cabins of their stores with mannequins, new layout, and display. Basis the brief they got from the company’s visual merchandisers.

“Mask stitching is happening too. And appealing designs in several cuts are coming. The measurements change with the way it will cover the face,” said Ajay Singh, store manager of a brand in Sector 17.

In Sector 8, a company’s retail store dealing in ready-to-stitch fabric has changed the setup. “Masks on display are influencing people as they ask for mask styles. More than a fashion statement, they confirm about its durability,” said a salesperson there. He added that coronavirus has changed store layouts.

Ripika Tej, a visual merchandising consultant, said the trend will be on, at least till the time a vaccine is found. “We need to execute things as per customers’ state of mind.

Right now, there is fear and safety is buyer’s first priority. So we have to play up the current need/theme,” she said.

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