Neighbour cuts tree in half over pigeon poo

 Neighbour cuts tree in half over pigeon poo

Tree trimmed in half in neighbour row over driveway pigeon poo

LONDON, 26 June: A tree cut in half has become a tourist attraction that was trimmed after a neighbourly dispute over pigeon poo on the driveway.

A neighbour has cut the tree in half following a dispute over pigeon poo on his side of the divide in Waterthorpe, Sheffield.

Bharat Mistry, 56, said his next-door neighbour had complained of nesting pigeons dirtying his side of the divide in Waterthorpe and they tried to reach an amicable solution. He said that later the other resident called a tree surgeon.

Mistry said that the other couple first asked for the trees to be removed last March which led to “several discussions” about trimming it back or installing nets to prevent birds from nesting.

Mr Mistry made inquiries with tree surgeons and gardeners, but his neighbour of 28 years took it upon himself to call his own arborist.

“You can imagine when he first did it we were angry. Obviously, after a couple of days, we calmed down a bit.”

The tree has since become a tourist attraction after photos of it were shared online, with people making trips to see it.

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