Nayab murder case: Police include model’s close friends in probe

 Nayab murder case: Police include model’s close friends in probe

Progress in Nayab murder case as police probe model’s friends

ISLAMABAD(LAHORE), 13 July : The police on Tuesday claimed to have made progress in the murder case of a Lahore-based model Nayab after it emerged that she had a quarrel with her friends in the night she was brutally killed.

Detailing the progress, the Lahore police said that model Nayab went to a party of her friends on the night of her murder.

“She got engaged in a heated argument and later left the place,” they said adding that the model later apprised her stepbrother regarding the entire episode, who immediately reached out to her and later dropped her at home after getting her an ice cream.

The police have now started investigations from the friends of the model who were part of the quarrel besides also scrutinizing their mobile records.

The police on Monday claimed to have spotted a suspect roaming around the residence of Lahore-based model Nayab before her murder besides also confirming that she was not raped.

The police while sharing development in the probe said that she was not raped and the murderer undressed her in order to give an impression that she was sexually assaulted.

“We have taken the model’s vehicle into our possession and are also taking leads in the investigation from data retrieved from her mobile phone,” they said.

The police have also acquired footage from the CCTV cameras installed around the victim’s home in Lahore’s DHA. “A suspicious man is spotted in the footage roaming around her residence before the murder,” they said.

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Police have handed over the body of a Lahore-based model, Nayab, who was found dead at her house in Lahore’s DHA, to her legal heirs for last rites after an autopsy. According to her post-mortem report, the 29-year-old model Nayab was strangled to death with bruises found on her neck.

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