Naimal Khawar in a stunning white ensemble

 Naimal Khawar in a stunning white ensemble

Naimal Khawar in a stunning white ensemble

Naimal Khawar Khan is a gorgeous Pakistani actress. Naimal has only worked on a few projects. But her performance and charming personality captivate the crowd. Naimal is from a Pathan family, which adds to her natural beauty.

She has acted in Anaa and Verna. Naimal was approached for Shoaib Mansoor’s film Verna. Then she played Izzah in Anaa. The actress Naimal married a famous Pakistani actor.

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Then she got married and didn’t do anything else. Hamza and Naimal have a beautiful son Mustafa Abbasi. Naimal is an actor and a painter. Her home is a magical painting studio.

She is also a talented painter who shared her work. She frequently posts photos to Instagram and is active on the platform.

Pictures of Naimal recently flooded the internet. She looks stunning in her white Sadaf Fawad Khan studio outfit. She wore it with a crimson khussa and a lovely gajra. Her silver earrings and disheveled braid complete her lyrical outfit. These Naimal photos had us drooling.

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