NAB sets up complaints channel for government workers

 NAB sets up complaints channel for government workers

NAB sets up complaints channel for government workers

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has opened a self-governing avenue for the submission of complaints involving public employees. This program, which is under the direction of the Civil Secretariat’s chief secretary. Attempts to fairly and impartially handle complaints about the behavior of bureaucrats.

Sohail Nasir, the Deputy Chairman of the NAB, announced the new measure on Tuesday. He said that the bureau would choose indirect summons over direct confrontation in cases involving complaints against bureaucrats. “Under the supervision of the chief secretary. A specialized complaint cell has been established to address such matters in an impartial and fair manner,” he said.

Drawing attention to the unstable state of the economy, Nasir underscored the significance of cultivating an environment that is conducive to business. In order to gain the support and cooperation of the business community. The chairman of the NAB has gotten in touch with chambers of commerce.

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Speaking at a ceremony marking the distribution of cheques totaling Rs 1.67 billion to Pak Arab Housing scandal victims. Nasir reaffirmed the NAB’s dedication to giving cases involving public deception top priority. He vowed to protect the honor of each and every person involved in NAB investigations, saying that degrading any suspect would not be permitted. Nasir also reiterated that NAB would not take action in response to anonymous complaints.

The NAB Lahore’s Director General, Amjad Majeed Aulakh, revealed that during the previous six months, the bureau had disbursed Rs 7.5 billion to victims of various scams. He also disclosed that since its establishment, NAB Lahore has recovered more than Rs 35 billion. Striking a historic plea deal worth Rs 16 billion in the Eden Scam, of which Rs 7 billion has already been disbursed to the parties involved.

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