Motorway closures are a result of persistent smog and fog

 Motorway closures are a result of persistent smog and fog

Motorway closures are a result of persistent smog and fog

LAHORE: Heavy fog covered a large portion of Punjab and Upper Sindh on Tuesday morning, causing sections of the motorway to come to a complete stop once more.

Due to severely low visibility, motorways M-2, which runs from Lahore to Hiran Minar, M-4, which runs from Sher Shah to Faisalabad, and M-5, which runs from Sher Shah to Rohri, were temporarily closed, putting drivers at serious risk.

Travel alert
Motorway Police issued advisories due to the hazardous conditions. Asking people to avoid traveling needlessly, drive slowly, and use fog lights when necessary.

Smog situation

Simultaneously, there was a marginal improvement in air quality across Lahore and other cities.

However, Lahore, with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 225. Emerged as the second most polluted city in Pakistan, trailing only Peshawar with an AQI of 320.

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Internationally, Lahore secured the fourth position in the ranking of the world’s most polluted cities, preceded by New Delhi, Dhaka, and Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina. Notably, the AQI reached 432 over the US consulate, 395 over FAST University, 346 over Brevzon, 297 over The Mall, and 282 over Phase-8, DHA.

Lahore Weather

Lahore saw a minimum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. And a maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius as the temperatures continue to drop.

The percentage of humidity in the morning was recorded at 81%. The Meteorological Office predicts dry weather for the city over the next 24 hours despite the difficult conditions.

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