Meghan Markle portrayed as ‘victim,’ missed royal potential

 Meghan Markle portrayed as ‘victim,’ missed royal potential

Meghan Markle portrayed as ‘victim,’ missed royal potential

After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle demonstrated a lot of promise as a working royal, but she consistently presented herself as a “victim.”

A royal expert has charged Meghan. The Duchess of Sussex, with trying to break away from the Royal family from the start.

Valentine Low, who praised the mother-of-two for her skill. Stated to The Sun that Meghan had the opportunity to lead by example as a royal but instead she chose to play the victim.

“I believe she got stuck in,” Low stated. The fact that she appeared on television the day the engagement was announced was astounding.

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“She talked about wanting to take on Commonwealth roles,” Low said before noting how she aspired to be a representative for communities of color across British territories while working on Suits.

“She’d been well-briefed and was perfectly happy to spout her brief on air about what the future might be for her,” Low added.

The expert continued: “She did some very interesting things. The enthusiasm with which she embraced the Grenfell community kitchen and suggested they make a cookbook was amazing, of course.”

“It flew off the shelves all around the world. She brought a lot of energy and a fresh approach to the whole royal thing.”

Meghan made some changes to the royal family while she was a working royal. But she struggled to accept her status as a member of the family.

“But I also know that for all the great potential she showed. If you talk to people on the inside they believe rightly or wrongly that she was constantly casting herself as a victim,” the specialist stated.

Saying, ‘You think I’m going to fail, you don’t want me, really. I’m not welcome.’ They feel as though she was searching for a way out from the start.

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