Matric exams: Sindh imposes section 144 to control paper leaks

 Matric exams: Sindh imposes section 144 to control paper leaks

Sindh imposes section 144 to control paper leaks

ISLAMABAD(KARACHI), 08 July: The Sindh government imposed Section 144 outside exam centres, giving power to Station House Officers (SHOs) to register complaints and take actions against those who violate the law.

The step was taken after physics and mathematics matric papers were leaked in Karachi on Tuesday and Wednesday, triggering an outcry and putting the mechanism to keep cheating in check, under more scrutiny.

Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Qazi Shahid Pervez said, in a notification, that universities and board departments of the Government of Sindh have conveyed that various educational boards have approached them to seek help in the peaceful conduct of the SSC part I and II and the HSSC part I and II annual exams.

Pervez said the universities and board departments requested the imposition of Section 144 outside exam centres to bring the situation under control.

“The Government of Sindh is satisfied that in order to conduct examinations in a fair and peaceful manner and maintain the sanctity of examination premises during the examination, it is expedient to take necessary measures,” reads the notification.

“Now, therefore, the Government of Sindh, in the exercise of the powers conferred under Section 144(6) of the CrPC, hereby declares all the premises of examination centres for the above-mentioned examinations under their respective educational boards, restricted areas for the general public,” stated the notification.

It added that only “candidates bearing valid admit cards as well as the staff on duty” will be allowed at the examination centres, adding that opening photostat machines around exam centres has been prohibited.

The notification has also banned the use of mobile phones in exam centres till the exams are being held.

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Complete assurances from education authorities to enhance the security and distribution mechanism of question papers, the mathematics questionnaire leaked too before the start of the paper on Wednesday.

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