Lahore High Court Halts Electric Bike Distribution in Punjab

 Lahore High Court Halts Electric Bike Distribution in Punjab

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has intervened to halt the distribution of electric bikes to students in Punjab, pending further review. This decision arose during a hearing concerning efforts to mitigate air pollution, particularly related to smog.

The court’s order suspends the distribution of electric bikes until additional directives are issued, and it has summoned detailed information from the Punjab government regarding the scope and execution of the initiative. Specifically, the court seeks information on the number of electric bikes being distributed and their distribution locations, with a scheduled submission date of May 13th.

In its observations, the court suggested that the government should prioritize the introduction of electric buses as part of efforts to combat environmental pollution.

It’s worth noting that the initiative to distribute electric bikes was launched by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz under the Chief Minister Youth Initiative on April 12th. Through this project, students were offered the opportunity to acquire motorcycles and e-bikes through affordable monthly installment plans, with varying payment options for male and female students based on their financial capabilities.

The distribution plan included a quota system, with equal representation for male and female students in urban areas and a slightly different distribution ratio in rural areas.

The court’s decision to halt the distribution reflects a judicial concern regarding the effectiveness and environmental impact of the initiative, prompting a reassessment of the government’s approach to addressing air pollution and promoting sustainable transportation options.

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