Lahore Considers Implementing Garbage Collection Fee

 Lahore Considers Implementing Garbage Collection Fee

Lahore Considers Implementing Garbage Collection Fee

LAHORE: Officials from the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) have proposed implementing a tariff system for garbage collection from households.

The proposal has been forwarded to Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz for final approval.

Under this proposal, households would pay a monthly tariff ranging from Rs250 to Rs2,000, while commercial establishments would pay between Rs500 and Rs10,000 per month.

The officials argue that implementing a garbage tariff system in Lahore would not only generate significant revenue for the Punjab government, estimated at Rs12 billion per year, but would also alleviate the financial strain on LWMC’s expenditures, which currently total Rs20 billion.

In essence, the proposed tariff seeks to ensure long-term funding for waste management operations while reducing the burden on the government’s finances.

Meanwhile, the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is struggling to address the city’s ongoing problem with illegal solid waste dumping.

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The primary perpetrators of illegal waste dumping are believed to be mini-loader. And rickshaw drivers, as well as employees working on mini-trucks owned by private housing societies.

Simultaneously, LWMC teams in charge of primary waste collection have criticised for arriving late at various locations. Causing significant inconvenience to the general public.

LWMC teams have reportedly been slow to respond to waste collection requests throughout the city. Sometimes leaving waste unattended until late in the day.

Residents in other areas have reported illegal waste dumping, raising concerns about the effectiveness of waste management regulations.

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