Korean Thriller ‘Sleep’ Grips Viewers with Twisted Plots

 Korean Thriller ‘Sleep’ Grips Viewers with Twisted Plots

Korean Thriller ‘Sleep’ Grips Viewers with Twisted Plots

If you have not seen ‘Sleep‘, a South Korean thriller, you are missing out! This South Korean twisted dark film, directed by Jason Yu, explores the effects of sleepwalking on a young couple who are expecting a baby soon.

The film had been making headlines since last year. When it made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week 2023.

The horror, with twisted plots, simply follows a young couple whose lives are turned upside down when the husband sleepwalks.

The movie features Yu-mi Jeong and Sun-kyun Lee begins with a pregannt wife complaining to her husband. How he was pointing at a corner of house and blabber something. She assumes he is sleep walking and takes his new habit casually.

But his sleep walking does not end here, other night he tries to eat everything raw from the fridge. And tries to jump off from the building. This is when the couple takes the sleepwalking serious and consult a doctor who gives the husband medicines. And safety majors (hiding away knives closing all the windows tightly) as precaution.

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Relaxed that the medicines have started working on the husband. The wife sleeps peacefully until she is awakened by a noise and she does not find her husband by her side.

She went to drawing room where she sa him peacefully walking and entering his room. Again relaxed that he has not harmed anything or himself, just about to return to her room. The woman finds something dreadful in her fridge, hinting its not just a sleep walking habit.

The following scene depicts their newly born daughter. And the tension surrounding how she will protect herself and her daughter from her sleepwalking husband.

The plot of the breathless suspense thriller appears to be both simple and spellbinding: how can someone suddenly start sleepwalking? How a sleepwalker can change personality and endanger their child’s well-being.

If you want to watch a movie with suspenseful moments. A gripping story, and a completely unique experience, Sleep is for you.

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