Khawaja Asif Accuses Bajwa & Hameed of Law Influence

 Khawaja Asif Accuses Bajwa & Hameed of Law Influence

Khawaja Asif Accuses Bajwa & Hameed of Law Influence

ISLAMABAD: Former Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has accused former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and former ISI Director General Faiz Hameed of passing arbitrary legislation.

According to the details, the former defense minister told media representatives. After the PML-N parliamentary party meeting yesterday that we needed to go to the ISI mess. Generals Faiz and Bajwa continued to draft legislation from us.

During the conversation, Khawaja Asif stated that not only politicians. But also other players, are concerned with political stability. And that everyone should work together to create stability in the country. General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed also passed legislation concerning the FATF.

Former Defense Minister Khawaja Asif stated, “We were also asked to legislate on the issue of Majlis-e-Amila. “What else would you do in this situation?” He went on to say, “The distortion that was born is now tolerated. President Arif Alvi violated the constitution yet again.”

Khawaja Asif stated that President Dr. Arif Alvi should prosecuted for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution. That the state was also challenged on May 9. And that such people must held accountable; otherwise, the cycle will continue.

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