Jamshed Cheema and his wife Musarrat Cheema quit PTI

 Jamshed Cheema and his wife Musarrat Cheema quit PTI

Jamshed Cheema and his wife Musarrat Cheema quit PTI

ISLAMABAD: The widely-experienced political couple – Jamshed Cheema and his wife Musarrat Cheema – who were thought to be close to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan, on Thursday, parted ways with the party.

The pair announced their decision to leave the Imran Khan-led PTI during a news conference immediately after their two-week detention in Adiala Jail, joining a lengthy list of politicians who left the party in the wake of the May 9 riots.

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He claimed that he and his wife were unable to remain in politics since the nation urgently needs leadership, democracy, and responsible politics.

“We cannot permit the collapse of a system or a party. My wife and I are idealists in this entire situation. We are individuals who advocate for democracy, freedom of expression, and the right to free thought, and the presence of violence in this situation is the reason we are unable to work with PTI any more, he continued.

Jamshed Cheema and Musarrat Cheema

“It is clear that we can’t continue politics or our affiliation with the party,” he added.

He expressed regret over the riots on May 9, saying that the “protest moving inside from outside, the attacks at some spots and riots were totally unfortunate”.

“I believe it has been a big failure [of the PTI],” he added.

He stressed the need for “rectification”.

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He said that mob mentality not accounted for during the May 9 protest.

“We should accept our responsibility that mob mentality and the calculation of a peaceful protest. Maybe that was not possible and mob mentality not accounted for,” he added.

“I’m saying it again: political workers should trained to assume the role of responsible citizens. I feel there is an issue in the narrative and this is a problem here if a political party employee is not peaceful, he continued.

“We accept this failure and own it,” he said, “and another failure is that we couldn’t manage or stop it.”

According to him, the circumstances “damaged democracy, the party’s democratic credentials. And the name of protest” as well as “caused embarrassment for Pakistan.”

Given the situation, he made it clear that he. And his wife cannot continue politics and the affiliation with former prime minister Imran Khan’s party.

“This career which is in our blood…it was not an easy decision to leave politics. You serve the nation in politics. But not at the cost of armed force not at the cost of people who protect the country,” he said.

“May 9 was the peak of the situation created due to a narrative spun by Imran Khan, which the [PTI’s] senior leadership failed to put a bar on,” said the former Khan loyalist.

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